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This website will serve to give a home on the Internet for the Abaphumeleli Orphenage of Ilitha Park, Khayelitsha, South Africa.

Run out of a private home by a traditional healer, Evelyn Makasi, this orphanage provides stability and support for over 20 children, who are able to attend school regularly, and for those who are HIV positive, to go to the doctor.  With other parents and children in the community, the orphanage has established an after-school program and a choir, which gives the orphans a sense of belonging in the larger community.

The organisation helps with the creation of jobs and promotes the equal treatment of those living with HIV/Aids. It started in Evelyn’s house after Evelyn realised how much she liked working with children.

The objectives for Abaphumeleli are for them to own a bigger house so that they could, in the future, accommodate more children and to give these kids a proper education.

Please take a look into our other sections and we will be back with news very soon.


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