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The orphenage started in Evelyn Makasi’s house but we are now renting a building since 2004 next to her house to be able to accommodate all of the received children.  In Khayelitsha, many parents don’t have work, they are struggling to provide for their children and don’t have money to put them in pre-school so the children end-up being abused and neglected.

Evelyn works with amazing volunteers who hard work everyday for the physical and psychological well-being of all the orphans.


Our aims are to:

  • Give orphans and abandoned children a safe and loving home
  • Protect children from violence, neglect and abuse
  • Educate, especially because of their disadvantaged conditions
  • Provide a secure and healing environment for traumatized children

We provide:
– Shelter and protection in emergencies and various time terms

– Nutrition and personal hygiene care

– Health care for disabled children that have been abandoned

– Counseling for children through a social worker

– After school education in English

The Abaphumemeli Orphenage relies on private donations. The income create ourselves is not sufficient for the day-to-day running of the orphanage as well as providing proper nutrition, clothing, school and medical care.

*Please help and support us by donations and by sponsoring a child or teenager. We are a non-profit and it is very hard to find the funds for all the children that are in our care. We are struggling from month to month and really need your help.


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